Friday, 11 June 2010

Why so serious?

I have a bit of an obsession with Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker. The character appeals so me very much to the dark side of me. I am a postitve person. Very. But I understand the sentiment that some people want to just watch the world burn. Now, if you can do it with swagger and great determination, it can be quite beautiful to watch Vitriol. After nailing his voice moderately well, I did the costume for the last two years for Halloween. improved the second year with an amzing waistcoat that My mum helped me to make (cheers mum!) I think I'll put him away until I have every single piece of his wardrobe perfect, and have lost a little more weight (I'm a wardrobe goddamnit! I long to be a Tallboy!) It may take a while, as its expensive to be accurate, even his tie, when it was available to but, from Asser and turnbull, was 150 dollars! Here are some of the preliminary photos from 2 years ago, including my first attempt at the make up. Looking fairly chunky (2 stone heavier in these pics, but hey ho, let go!) Enjoy!


  1. It's freaky but at the same time, can't stop looking to see how it's done! Really, really clever.

    Thanks for posting this, it's the sort of thing that if I saw you dressed up on the street I'd want to take a closer look to see how you did it but wouldn't (cos my Mum taught me not to stare! LOL!) So thanks for this!

  2. thank you Carmen!For the scars, I used Rigid collodion which is cellulose supended in acetone. Acetone, being a solvent evaporates in the atmosphere. As it evaporates, the cellulose bounds to itself and constricts, causing puckering on skin. Its great stuff, but can be quite iffy. The second time I used it, was too little acetone in it and the cellulose tightening left me with red welts where the scars had been, for about 3 weeks. I actually missed them when they eventually healed up. Was sort of nice, know one wanting to make eye contact, as opposed to every tom dick and shmo glaring at me like usual in town lol!

  3. John you have to put your video on here - you mentioned you'd nailed it well put it on! As long as you are using the old blogger editor (the new one doesn't have the facility - just change in settings) you can put video on - I know everyone would love it!