Friday, 11 June 2010

What a wonderful World.

have had a weird few weeks. They have been enriching and wretched, Inspiring and heartbreaking. I lost my voice for a while, and came back singing the Beauty of this World. We are such very lucky creatures, we just often never realise it. But we must always take time to admire the roses. They can be few and far between on this dirt track called life and if we pause, take time to reflect why that rose is there, then the road seems to tilt downwards, and soon you are running like a child seeing their mother. We must all learn to laugh and cry like Children. We were all once were children, and although we put away childish things, we must never forget who we are and were. If you have read these words, know this. If you can love the world without misgivings, accept each human being for what they are, strive to make everyone's path a little more stone-free, then I will keep you in my heart till the day I die. You are a creature just like me, and I love you.


  1. I sit here with tears rolling down my face because I know how beautiful it is to see my brother with his heart on his sleeve as always. You have always been so eloquent so generous with your thoughts and love of life you are such a tremendously deep person who could speak up for all those that cannot, who sees in life what is wrong and strive to stop such difficult times for these people - you would make a truly enlightened politician and yet with those words people will turn away - but no stop - John is a person of the world a true hero (there aren't many) a true gentleman and truly the best Lil Bro that anyone could ever ever wish for! You are my brother, my friend, I know who you are and I see you for all that you are good and bad, just as you see me for my faults and for my good, we are there for each other and you speak to my soul direct! I love you to bits and hope that you enjoy the sunrises and remain calm in yourself as you settle life's storms and walk forward on your path - hopefully it will have been cleared of at least a few of those stones!

    Stay Gold - you are an awesome individual and the only other request - just be yourself, in all that you are and that you do so that you can feel everything you are meant to!

    Love you hun



    PS If there any any typos or errors - they were meant to be - I'm not perfect, I'm just human and I am VIRGINIA!

  2. I found this a truly wonderful read so beautiful and profound. You always had your way with words and you have not lost the ability to make me so very proud that you are my son. As you wander through life and believe me it can be harsh and sometimes crazy, no one knows what we will come across or what we will get tossed at us to deal with.So laugh like a child and don't forget to look back and remember those childlike feelings. We are grown ups a lot longer than we were children but sometimes it is good to see life through the eyes of a child than to go through life blind and oblivious to all that is wonderful and good.Mum xxxxx

  3. Ps love your helmet it is awesome.xxxx

  4. Inspirational, John, and so beautifully written.
    You've made me pause for thought.
    Sue xx

  5. Beautiful John and I share your family's thoughts of your stunning way with words. Having met some of your family I can only wonder at what your Mum has done to bestow such beautiful, thoughtful, emotional and kind people into this world - you are all precious xx

  6. If only more people thought this way what a world this would be. Really beautiful, I hope you have this written down somewhere, not just here. I read somewhere that someone pressed a button and lost their blog the other day, what a horrible thought to lose this post!