Thursday, 16 September 2010

Tyler haslett is a stupid douche A.K.A dont stand in a greenhouse whilst throwing stones, as your walls tumble quickly ;)

I got a visit from my lovely sister this evening, and she asked if I have been onto my blog recently. I mutter something about being a slovenly sloth and not gettting round to updating, when she mentioned I should check out some rather malicious comments that had appeared on my joker bank heist mask” post. I jumped on to see the name Tyler Haslett. I know of the name in fact as this “gentleman” is quite well known on the RPF. NOW, those who dont know, a few facts:

1)The RPF stands for the replica Prop forum, a community of film model and prop builders, who struggle tirelessly to achieve their own dreams of owning a prop from one of their favourite films. It is a prop community that takes a moral viewpoint against recasters (people who take an existing prop and remolds it for monetary gain.

2 the RPF

  1. I abide by its rules and

  2. 4. I have never made contact with Tyler Haslett.

I know of him, mainly because of his shady reputation on the rpf. Now, he did in fact inspire me to create my own, as I loved the prop and was impressed by Tylers work. But not enough to warrant spending over 100 dollars on something that I didnt think was nearly good enough. So I decided to make my own from WED clay on a mannequin head. The head was a garish turquoise green colur and stylised, meaning it was quite a small head and turned facing left. I dont have a small head. I have a large head. So, with newspaper and gaffa tape, I took to making the head fatter....

I even went so far as to use a duct tape model of my own head, which involve cling filming my head and covering it in gaffa tape. Which was the put over the manequin head and filled with newspaper....(photos above show mid progress, not recast, but made from clay.... GASP!!!)

I then began to cover in WED clay (bought from a UK COMPANY, WHO I WILL BE GLOWING ABOUT IN A FUTURE POST) After apply a thick layer of clay over the front, I began to map out basic shapes. The model head was twisted at the neck, and the more I worked, the more I struggled with making it symmetrical. I give you credit Tyler, yours seems pretty symmettical, but just not very accurate. I've seen your mask, I have even saved pics of your mask so I can show all the girls and boys at home. I'll show them all your flaws in your mask, and where I tried to improve on them. HOWEVER, I HAD NEVER SEEN ONE OF HIS MASK IN REAL LIFE!

so anyway, I decided eventually to remove the mask off the model head by cutting the duct tape behind the mask edge and the lifting it off, it was then when I realised that it was severely wonky. Lol, meant I had to go back to the drawing board...

few hours later, less wonky......

Anyway, 25 hours of a labour of love later, I have this pair of effing clownshoes telling me I copied his frankly, not very good mask. I aint saying mine is perfect by no means, but it is better than yours Tyler. Sorry to break it to you. Actually, it not..... you smug little fool....

So, here are the pics that I took whilst I was making my mask, entirely from scratch, having never made contact with the meat roofer (Tyler Haslett hahahaha, see if you can be childish, so can I) and have never been in posession of one of his “sort of but not very accurate" masks, I cant be totally certain as to whether they look alike, but I also can, AS IT IS OFF THE SAME PROP, you douche canoe!!!. Anyway, ranting will continue after this short interlude....

In conclusion, Tyler, you witless idiot, I have never bought an item from you, and find your accusatory tone as boorish and arrogant. And if you look above, youll see the inside of the WED clay master that I molded. You'll also see the imprint on the inside, why look at that Tyler, gaffa tape..... not a fibreglass mask thats been built on in sight!!!! Can you see tyler, can you see the reflection of the gaffa tape through the clay on the cheek when the flash bounces off of it???? You've been kicked off every forum that I know of and you've been on and frankly, no one likes you. You were banned from The RPF and now your name is synonymous generally with one who negates on deals and is unable to deliver his substandard props in a timely fashion.See we can both be bitches.... so anyway, imma go email TYLER HASLETT on his email address, which is at telling him he just got served.... YOU SHOULD TOO!!! If he sends me back a reply, I'll be surprised, but if he sends me his evidence that i recast his work, (which would seem alittle silly, seeing as there is pretty good proof here that I didnt...,) I'm sure to post them here to back up his case. Its in Tylers court now, he has to provide evidence to backup his bullshit claims! I got a feeling he doesnt like the taste of humble pie....and a message to TYLER, GET BACK ON YOUR SOAP BOX BITCH, YOU GOT SOME DEFENDING TO DO.....


  1. YAY! A post but oh nooooo to the accusations... but then again...YAY! To the fabulous step by step on the mask.

    Don't take this as an insult - it's so not meant to be one - but you can really see the likeness in the mask to your profile picture. (I know it's based on the prop but you know what I mean!)

    Great post - don't leave it so long next time :D

  2. I havent actually posted any of tylers pics up, All the photoa i have put up are have been of my mask, or the of the actual film what youre saying is my mask looks the one from the movie. Aww, thanks carmen! no insult there at all hehehe... I really hopes me let his pictures up and then we can compare and contrast all three!!! x

    Tylers original accusations....

  4. Hi all, also think Carmen was saying that you can see you have used your own face as a way of casting it. John has never and would never rip off someone else's work and to accuse him of such just prooves that a) your an ass and b) Tyler Haslett has never met the wonder that is by bro John!

  5. I second little bro and little sis above - I saw this little beauty in progress in wed clay being loving mastered and sculpted over painstaking hours so I KNOW FOR A FACT that this is truly an original and the only item John has ever had to copy off were the film stills and the film itself and I have to say John's are a fantastic take on the original! It might not be perfect (but it is to me) but it has been made by no other means other than hard work! Meaty Roofer should turn and run - I also suggest that you put a password protect on your comments that way you get to read them and don't necessarily have to publish them on your blog!

  6. Ah you have a password thingy - you need to tick the box read before it publishes!

  7. Yep and yep :P Was saying you definitely can see YOU in the mask so can see it is cast from you - and yet it's very true to the film too.

    Still say you should be working for a special effects company. How's the fangs going?

  8. ooh there will be a post soon miss Carmen, just wanna get this meanie dealt with first heheh

  9. This is Tyler Haslett here, and I %100 am a Douche! JDARKO I apologize deeply! I feel very bad for the accuisiations! Some individuals recently had done this to my work, including this mask, and I wrongly through JDARKO into the fold. I apologize deeply.
    BUT, through my bullshit of accusing JDARKO of stealing my work he posted the complete process showing an insight into both of our worlds for those interested but I'm very sorry it took my severe near-sighted catalyst to fuel that.
    I apologize also to your family JDARKO for post rude things and untrue things about you.

  10. I am very, very sorry to all for accusing this man of stealing my personal work. Like I said, I had this happend to me recently and saw JDARKO's sculpt and thought it was mine. JDARKO you did an amazing job on your sculpt, mold and casting itself.

  11. Well good to see you've owned up tyler, but anymore dude get your facts straight before coming out with those sort of accusations. Rather than accuse someone straight away, request to see their whole craft process for that prop, it saves your dignity and your time

  12. Tyler, no hard feelings man, its just always a good idea to not rush too quickly into accusations of theft. I never bought a mask off you, and unless you had undeniable evidence that I had, it was a bad idea to come charging in. Your comments were on my blog for a long time before i spotted em, so how many people could have seen them and got an instant impression that i was nothing more than a thief. I explained in my original post that I had made it out of WED clay, without any mention of modifying an existing mask. I have also spoken to the gentleman who now owns your mold of your mask, and he was more than happy to accept that I had made mine from scratch without accusing me. If youre still making pulls of this mask, does the now owner of the mold know this?

  13. Like I said, I'm fully aware of the fault in accusing you.

    It wasnt just a glance and quick descision, so lets settle it down a little bit here kids.
    I have had that mask recast in the past, and how was I to know who it was.
    Thats the thing about making replicas, as opposed to "garage hobbyists".

    Anyways. I spoke how I would in real life, to you each face to face. Did you do the same?

  14. I will have to make sure I make a public folder called JDARKO IS A DOUCHE as well, so I can find it on google same as here

  15. Or whatever your real name is, because it sure as hell isnt JDARKO. I never got why people use fake name like that?

  16. Although, your comment "meat roofer" was hilarious, hahhaha, very cool

  17. STOP GOOGLING YOUR OWN NAME YOU SAD LITTLE MAN! Christ, if i had been a douche like youve admitted to being, i certainly wouldnt whinge about someone calling me for it. And yes, i would certainly refrain from using my own name on the internet given the appalling nature of overzealous people. And for all the guys and girls out there, let my words on Tyler be hushed, as i present you exhibit A:......
    A fun read to say the least...People reallly seem to dislike your work ethic Tyler...I wonder why is that?

  18. THEIF


    Re: 'Psycho' props, replicas, busts...what's out there?
    Originally Posted by JDarko View Post
    i own a piece of the step that norman stood on in his first scene. Just happened to "fall" off as I was walking past it lol

    I worked at Universal for many years, and I'm curious about how you found yourself walking past the Psycho house/Bates Motel. Did you jump off the tram or were you working on the lot? Security is usually pretty tight around there, and it's sad to hear that someone was able to do that.

    And unless you were working on the original production, I'm not sure if that chunk of the stairway you stole could be reliably said to be original, since over the years it's been restored/replaced due to normal decay (and perhaps because folks occasionally steal chunks of the many classic sets on that lot) many times. That particular standing set is somewhat of a shrine to people who respect the history of film.

  19. Great start to that message there tyler, you spelt "thief" wrong you witless goon...SEE, THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT TYLER, WHEN I MENTIONED ABOUT CREEPY INTERNET WEIRDOS....
    You appear to have started ranting you strange little man.... Tell me, do you still foam at the mouth whilst you're typing?
    *Firstly, how did you manage to answer my last reply with nonsensical waffling.....
    *I don't believe you ever worked at universal, in fact I outright think you're lying, until I see irrefutable proof otherwise AND WILL MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS IT AND STAMP MY FEET AND THROW MY TOYS OUT OF THE PRAM... (you set out the battlefield....dick)
    *I bought the VIP ticket, you know, where you get to go round the backlot.....and "jump off the train"....How do you not know about that Tyler? you did work there, right?.....
    *So, youre telling me youre sad that i might have "stolen" a piece of step that probably wasn't an original piece anyway? Make your mind up how youre trying to cut me down, cos you're failing fucking miserably....
    *N.B this piece of stone is about an inch long and about half inch wide, and had actually already cracked off the edge of the step, you could see the natural corresponding was on the step below which was covered in bits of debris anyway....
    *N.B 2, I also got a pic of me hugging the clocktower from back to the future too.....(do I hear the sound of a fanboy shrieking and sobbing inconsolably?)
    *Even if the piece of rock wasn't original, it doesn't matter, (google "theseus' ship".....knowledge is power....)
    *That last dig ending your comment was brilliant, you sell unlicensed prop replicas, without paying dues to a film company, try not to get too holier than thou....
    In conclusion: D+ must try harder, tyler your research is sloppy and ill judged,and doesn't relate to the question, you'll never pass your freaky bitch exams........
    Come at me bro.....

    Your Nemesis, Teacher and Peer,

    The Mysterious Johnny Darko.
    P.s you are still a douche canoe...

  20. can you possible make seperate mr patato head eyes for me ??